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by Steph R November 07, 2015

As our first blog I thought I would start by writing about the basics of lingerie. And I thought… A lingerie Guide! What better way to explain some of the different styles than to put together a guide of some of the more common types of lingerie that are available on the market today.

There are so many styles these days, not like back in the day where there were only bloomers and petticoats! These days we are so lucky to have such a wide variety of beautiful lingerie in an array of gorgeous fabrics and cuts. But because of this it can also be overwhelming on what to choose especially for men buying for their ladies, but I promise you by the time you have finished reading this you will have your lingerie know-how down pact!

As we all know some lingerie is functional and has a purpose, while other lingerie is for flirty fun and to impress and let’s not forget the most important reason of all, to help make us women look and feel sexy and beautiful.

That’s the amazing thing about putting on a glamorous piece of lingerie. It makes you feel more powerful and in control, while also giving you lots of confidence, and the openness to explore.

Each style and piece of lingerie give’s off a different impression. Having a better understanding of what each piece of lingerie is will help you to decide if it’s right for you and what you’re looking for. In future blogs I will be writing about the right choice in lingerie for certain occasions and I will go into more detail about the do’s and dont’s of lingerie.

As our business keeps growing we will be striving to be able to give you the choice of all these styles of lingerie and more.

Find below our Lingerie Guide:

Babydoll - Babydolls are a very popular choice as they accentuate your best assets! A babydoll is a short cut lingerie dress that ends at the top of your thighs near the crease of your bum. They normally have a low neckline or v-neckline to show off your cleavage and are most commonly made from a stretch mesh or lace type of material although they can also be made from silk.

Body Stocking – Body Stockings are very similar to a pair of stockings you would wear on your legs although it is a stocking for your whole body – hence the name! Body Stockings are durable and come in a range of colours and styles. Some are long-sleeved, no sleeves, halter neck, low cut, crotchless, footless…the list goes on. They come in variety of stocking type materials, wide fishnet being most common followed by a floral stocking pattern.

Bra – We all know what a bra is… and yes they are mostly about functionality but they can also be sexy as well. Obviously the key to buying a bra is to make sure you know what size you are. And you’ll be surprised how many women don’t know this. It’s important to get professionally fitted to get the best support and be comfortable without having lumps and bumps where they shouldn’t be! I tell you what, if owned a brick & mortar type store and wasn’t just online this would defiantly be a free service I would be offering. There are different styles of bras, for example push-up bras, full cup bra, half cup bra, shelf bra…just to name a few.

Bustier – A bustier is similar to a corset. It’s like a bra that extends to your waist, giving you a lovely shape while boosting and highlighting your breasts. Bustier’s normally have a hook and eye closure like a bra and are normally made with lace, mesh or silk. They can be worn under clothes or for a super sexy outfit for a special occasion, a bustier looks great with a matching G-string, thigh high stockings and a pair of high heels. Often they have removable suspenders.

Camisole – A camisole is a sexy lingerie top that stops at your waist line. Camisoles can be made from a range of different materials and usually come with a matching bottom eg. Brazilian bottom or G-string.

Chemise – A chemise is similar to a babydoll but it's a tighter fit. This style lingerie dress caresses your curves and shows off what you’ve got! They normally come with adjustable straps and removable suspenders. Chemises are made from a wide variety of materials and styles.

Corset – A corset is a very tight fitting piece of lingerie that gives you an
hour-glassed figure. This is due to the boning within the corset and tight tie ups. A corset will also give your breasts a big boost up, showing off the best cleavage you could imagine!

Lingerie Gown – A lingerie gown is almost like a long babydoll. They are very elegant and sexy and are perfect if you feel more comfortable wearing something longer than a babydoll or chemise. They are usually made from lace, mesh or silk and more commonly have a split up the side or front. Simply stunning!

Garters – Garters are a piece of elastic concealed with silk and lace and is worn around the thigh. These are traditionally worn by brides but this doesn’t mean you have to be a bride to wear one. The tradition goes, at the end of the couple’s wedding reception the bride takes it off and throws it to all the men. The man who catches it is apparently going to be the next one who will be getting married.

Garter Belts – A garter belt is a piece of material that is worn around the waist and it has suspenders attached to it to keep up thigh high stockings. They can be made from an elastic that can be pulled up or have a hook and eye type closure. You can also get garter belts that have a built in G-string or crotchless G-string.

Pasties – Pasties are basically nipple covers or I guess you could also call them jewels for our breasts! They are a fancy nipple cover that you stick over your nipples. They come in different colours and sizes and can have tassels or jewels attached to them.

Teddy –. This is one piece of lingerie that guys are always asking me ‘What’s a teddy??’ A teddy is a very sexy (and tiny!) piece of lingerie that comes in one piece. Think of a one piece swim suit., teddies are very similar although usually show off a lot more skin. They can come with a G-string type bottom or a Brazilian bottom, sometimes they have no back piece of material to show off your back or may have cut outs at the front or sides to show off your abdominal area.

Hosiery – Hosiery can be an everyday lingerie item that women wear but there is also heaps of fun hosiery that can be worn for a good time. Styles can include thigh-highs, stockings, knee-highs, crotchless stockings, even stockings that have no bum cheek coverage! You can also get some great stockings that are themed to go with certain costumes eg. Nurse stockings, Cop stockings.

G-strings – Okay this one will be obvious to all but I will still explain. A G-string is a functional piece of underwear if you don’t want to show a knicker line while wearing tight clothing. It is a small piece of material to cover the front and under but leaves your bum exposed. A very sexy addition to all lingerie outfits!

Brazilian Bottom – Brazilian cut bottom underwear is in-between a G-string and a bikini cut bottom. This sexy cut shows off your curves and is a very popular bikini swimwear cut.

So there it is; my quick guide to lingerie basics

Hope you enjoyed!

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